A colleague at work as well as my girlfriend have successfully convinced me to start trading in the stock market. As of today, I am a shareholder of Starbucks (SBUX). They've recently hit a new low within the past couple months, so you know how these markets work - they're bound to bounce back. Right? *nervous laugh* I've read a couple chapters of Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor and I feel like I can switch professions as a day trader tomorrow.

I followed some basic rules of Graham's principals: look for a small gain (don't aim to get rich), buy when the value is low (the recent meeting/restroom debacle) and invest in something that has a rigid history (do not speculate). I feel like I followed these three core principals pretty closely, but obviously, I'm only applying a small percentage of his wisdom. I admit I'm still a baby trader and will need to do a lot of reading, researching and even stock drops.

Let me know if you have any advice or comments in trading to help a young buck get started.